About JWS

TORCH JWS (Judaism Worth Spreading) was established in 2013 by TORCH as the web content division, to meet the growing demand for online Torah content. This new online resource for Torah learning is available through audio (www.jewishpodcast.org) and video (www.torchvideos.com.

These original content videos are refreshing, informative and inspirational ideas in Jewish thought from our rich heritage, presented by the Rabbi’s and Rebbetzin’s of TORCH. Whether on YouTube, iTunes Podcasts, Facebook or Google, TORCH JWS is at the forefront of providing online Torah Study for Jews everywhere, across the globe.

With well over 65,000 minutes of our videos being viewed and well over 15,000 downloads to our podcasts — EACH MONTH, we are well on our way in reaching the masses who seek to learn the truth, beauty and depth of the Torah.

Sit back, relax and learn with us — online.